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“In Situ Art Fair” will be held from 13 – 15 September, 2018 in the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje.

In Situ Art Fair – Skopje will be held from 13 – 15 September, 2018 in the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje.

You have chance to see KUNST.’s “Fuzzy” live before publishing in London.

In Situ Art Fair – Skopje is organized by the Association for Support and Promotion of Culture – Contineo 2020. Contineo is an organization dedicated to the support, promotion and development of culture on international level. The organization has a hybrid approach to cultural development based on cross-sector collaboration and international networking. The mission is to generate interdisciplinary impact and connections. 

Fuzzy at InSitu

Art is something – which is best thing to introduce the tradition, the future, social problems, the freedom and also taboos of a society. As a result, exhibitions and art fairs has popularity and great attraction in any countries they are organized. Compare to other countries, this year In Situ Art Fair which will take place in Skopje, we will see art and design collate to each other just contrary of being two other branches. It makes me very excited. It has been 3 years that I have not joined to an art fair. I won the prize from the last art fair that I attended. Maybe this year could be a surprise too… Who knows ?! 😉

In Situ is an international art fair composed of evolving program components, all of which are (inter) related through a unifying niche of authentic expression.Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Identical to the laws of physics, today’s In Situ is the result of what used to be Paratissima Skopje throughout the past four years (2014-2017). They have hosted over 450 independent authors originating from 39 countries and have achieved a growing audience of what started as 2-3000 visitors in the first two years to an audience of 5-7000 visitors towards the fourth edition of the fair.

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